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24 Maret 2017


Now we have valid data that prove spacetime as a model really do not match up to astronomical data of 2017 eclipse, in USA, August 21.

Astronomical Data Prove Spacetime Fiction

What is fiction? According to Free Dictionary, fiction is the category of literature, drama, film, or other creative work whose content is imagined and is not necessarily based on fact. A narrative, explanation, or belief that may seem true but is false or fabricated: According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, fiction, literature created from the imagination, not presented as fact, though it may be based on a true story or situation. Types of literature in the fiction genre include the novel, short story, and novella. The word is from the Latin fictiƍ, “the act of making, fashioning, or molding.”

It was expected from 2017 solar eclipse in USA we can see 4 planets: Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. Actually, this natural phenomena is the best opportunity to prove Einstein’s idea on spacetime. 

20 Maret 2017


There are at least 5 logical fallacies of Einstein's special and general theory of relativity, and this book reveals evidence and reasoning that general relativity doesn't meet the principles of scientific method.
This book try to convey prediction using astronomical test of general relativity  at 2017 total solar eclipse, in USA, August 21, and  shows that astronomical data of 2017 eclipse prove spacetime is false.


I would like to express my gratitude to the many people who saw me through my books; to all those who provided support, read, buy, and offered comments.

Thank so much to Lincoln Barnett, hopefully be happy in Heaven, for tells  me through his book The Universe and Dr.Einstein. Thank so much to Dr.Louis Essen, hopefully be happy in Heaven, and Professor Tom Van Flanderm, who make me sure about invalidity of general relativity.

Here my claims:
Einstein’s hypothesis of deflection of light by the Sun is false, and Einstein proposed test of deflection of light by the Sun via eclipse is not scientifically correct and deeply wrong, the results will always be an error. Einstein general theory of relativity was totally wrong. I’ve explained evidence and reasoning in this book entitle Logical Fallacies Of Special And General Theory Of Relativity, Second Edition: General Relativity Doesn’t Meet The Principles Of Scientific Method.

Last and not least: my apologies for any my shortcomings on writing in a language not my mother’s language.

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4 Maret 2017


New Release Kindle eBook

New evidence has been found, Einstein proposed test of general relativity via eclipse is not scientifically correct and deeply wrong. The result will always be an error. In fact, the first experiment in the year of 1919 was error. That's why Einstein never received a Nobel Prize for his theory of gravity. Moreover, in Special and General Theory Of Relativity Einstein had no idea on the basic of astronomy, especially about the effect of refraction of light and celestial sphere coordinates system. 

There are at least 5 logical fallacies of Einstein's theories. To make sure that general theory of relativity was totally wrong, we can apply astronomical test of general relativity as described in this book, at the 2017 solar eclipse, Monday, August 21, in USA.

    The main source of this book is the book ‘ The Universe and Dr. Einstein’, by Lincoln Barnett, London, 1949, Foreword by Albert Einstein himself. Some reviews about this book:
    “This is a brilliant, readable and clear report, by a gifted journalist, of the significance of Einstein’s theories and their far reaching effect upon the modern world. Written for laymen, it penetrates the realms of space, explains the facts available on the nature of atoms, and merges for purposes of clarity, the relation between philosophy and modern science.Utilizing the theories of Newton, Planck, Gamow, Lemaitre and Jeans, Barnett explains the Einstein concept of the universe. Relating these scientific theories to the philosophical systems existing at the time, he shows how all forms of human activity are influenced by the discoveries of science, and how Einstein’s theories are a step in this long history of research.”
    “Everybody who has a mind, or who imagines he is a thinker, should understand this much of Relativity as a minimum.”—Philip Wylie
    “The Universe and Dr. Einstein sets a new standard in science writing and is, I think, the first American book that can be compared in maturity, clarity, and grace with the distinguished and influential works of Sir James Jeans and Sir Arthur Eddington.”—Gerald Wendt, N. Y. Herald Tribune Book Review
 (Pickle Partners Publishing on Aug 9, 2016)
    I agree with everything the above review says. In my opinion, the book The Universe and Dr.Einstein  is very interesting. This book shows that the author, Lincoln Barnett, really  is an expert in conveying his ideas, I mean, the ideas of Albert Einstein relates with his two popular theory, special  and general theory of relativity. Reading this book, as if I am dealing with Albert Einstein himself, who was telling the background of the invention of his theories.
    I assumed that the author of this book has conducted an interview with Albert Einstein himself, or at least has been made an intense of communication with Einstein.
    Albert Einstein himself wrote a foreword, and among other he states:
"Lincoln Barnett's book represents a valuable contribution to popular scientific writing. The main ideas of the theory of relativity are extremely well-presented. Moreover, the present state of our knowledge to physics is aptly characterized.

The author shows how the growth of our factual knowledge, together with the striving for a unified theoritical conception comprising all empirical data, has led to the present situation which is characterized-notwithstanding all successes-by uncertainty concerning the choice of the basics theoritcal concepts"
    Lincoln Barnett's book has a very important meaning for me, because I’ve  found a kind of valid proof about Einstein's theory, which it has not been revealed by others. I’ve found some of logical fallacies of Einstein ideas in the Lincoln Barnett’s book, relating with Einstein’s theory, special and general theory of relativity.
    What is logical fallacies?  Fallacies are defects that weaken arguments; Logical fallacies are errors in reasoning that invalidate the argument.
    A fallacy is an incorrect argument in logic and rhetoric which undermines an argument's logical validity or more generally an argument's logical soundness. Fallacies are either formal fallacies or informal fallacies.These are commonly used styles of argument in convincing people, where the focus is on communication and results rather than the correctness of the logic, and may be used whether the point being advanced is correct or not.
    Of course, some errors in reasoning of Einstein,  as the founder of theories, make a great impact to the validity of the two theories: Special and General theory of Relativity.


To make sure that general theory of relativity was totally wrong, we can apply astronomical test of general relativity, as described in this book, at the 2017 solar eclipse, Monday, August 21, in USA.

List Of Einstein’s Logical Fallacies

There are at least 5 logical fallacies of Einstein's special and general theory of relativity

1.Einstein’s Thought Experiment: Fallacy Of Composition.

2.The Equivalence Principle: A false equivalence

3.Spacetime: A fallacy of ambiguity or reification.

4.Einstein's Field Equation: Logical fallacy : argumentum ad lapidem
5.Einstein's proving method: The fallacy of ignoratio elenchi, or irrelevant conclusion.

Einstein's Field Equation Of Gravitation

Einstein had no idea of the units and disciplines of measurement as the goal of using mathematics in physics. EFE just a formal mathematical construct with no real physical meaning.
In the book The Universe and Dr.Einstein, by Lincoln Barnett, on page 78, we can read Einstein proposed test for his theory as evidence that Einstein had no idea on the basic of astronomy. Einstein proposed test of general relativity is not scientifically correct and deeply wrong.


The above is incorrect illustration, below is correct illustration

Apparent of star always looks higher than actual of star

Moreover, as he had written a foreword, he had not realized there is incorrect illustration on page 79, and it shows he does not understand about the effects of deviation of starlight in the real world, for example, when we see the stars in the sky at night. Einstein has no competence in the field of astronomy.

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18 Desember 2016


Teori Relativitas Umum dibangun berdasarkan gagasan Einstein tentang kesinambungan ruang-waktu, bahwa waktu adalah dimensi ke-4 yang tidak terpisahkan dengan 3 dimensi lainnya, yaitu dimensi ruang. Oleh karenanya teori relativitas umum berhubungan dengan ruang, waktu, dan struktur alam semesta secara keseluruhan.

New Release

14 November 2016


".. for the stars observed being the closest to the Sun, their deviation was about 1.75 seconds of an arc." (Albert Einstein)

“….during totality on August 21, 2017 — although it will be close to midday — you’ll easily be able to see 4 planets with the unaided eye near the eclipsed sun!
In order of brightness, these planets will be Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. Mars is slightly brighter than Mercury, but so nearly the same in brightness that you probably won’t notice a difference.”(See 4 planets during 2017 solar eclipse).
At the 2017 solar eclipse, Monday, August 21, in USA, the bright star Regulus make a thrilling sight shinning near the Sun’s corona, this event is the best chance to test or re-examine Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

30 Oktober 2016


"Their measurement had been sheer luck, or a case of knowing the result they wanted to get, not an uncommon occurrence in science."(Stephen Hawking).

2 September 2016



The splendor of totality

You cannot completely prepare yourself for the sight of a total solar eclipse. When totality arrives, you will experience primal emotions and wonderment at the unspeakable beauty of the corona and the panoply of colors and light as you've never seen before. You will involuntarily scream, gasp, or perhaps cry at this astounding vision.

22 Juni 2016


Second Gravitational Wave Makes It Official: Merging Black Holes Don't Burst!

Yesterday, the LIGO collaboration announced the detection of a pair of merging black holes, a 14 solar mass black hole inspiraling and coalescing with an 8 solar mass black hole, only the second gravitational wave event ever seen. While some controversial evidence existed that the first black hole-black hole merger produced a gamma-ray burst, those results were hotly disputed, with advocates on both sides eagerly awaiting the results from the second merger. With the announcement yesterday, it became official: neither gamma-rays nor X-rays were seen, tipping the scales towards the long-awaited conclusion, merging black holes do not produce bursts of radiation.


NASA detected GRB

NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope detected the very weak and brief burst of high-energy X-rays, consistent with a short gamma-ray burst (or GRB), less than half a second after LIGO registered GW150914. This is surprising — it was assumed that when black holes collide, they do so “cleanly,” according to a NASA news release, not producing any kind of electromagnetic trace. So are the two signals related to the same event? The timing makes it highly likely; there’s only a 0.2 percent chance that they occurred in the same patch of sky at the same time but belonged to two different high-energy phenomena.

“This is a tantalizing discovery with a low chance of being a false alarm, but before we can start rewriting the textbooks we’ll need to see more bursts associated with gravitational waves from black hole mergers,” said Valerie Connaughton, member of the Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM) team at the National Space, Science and Technology Center in Huntsville, Ala.

The majority of GRBs are believed to be created when massive stars implode after running out of fuel and then explode, forming black holes in their wake. These are known as “long GRBs.” The intense radiation — detected as a flash of gamma-rays and high-energy X-rays — originates from dying stars’ poles at the time of explosion. There is, however, a more mysterious type of GRB that is short period (less than 2 seconds) and possibly linked with black hole and neutron star mergers.

“With just one joint event, gamma rays and gravitational waves together will tell us exactly what causes a short GRB,” said Lindy Blackburn, a postdoctoral fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass., and a member of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration. “There is an incredible synergy between the two observations, with gamma rays revealing details about the source’s energetics and local environment and gravitational waves providing a unique probe of the dynamics leading up to the event.”

The gravitational wave signal was generated by the rapid spiraling and collision of two black holes, an event that created the now-famous black hole “chirp.” But if indeed this Fermi detection is also of the same event, astrophysicists will have to figure out how this is possible. Black hole mergers aren’t supposed to generate significant quantities of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum unless there’s a quantity of gas close to the merging region. But it is thought that the vast majority of any gases surrounding the black hole binary would have disappeared long ago.

NASA Space Telescope Spies Gamma-ray Burst


Now we know, no doubt: general relativity has been wrong since the beginning, so:

LIGO's merging black holes don't burst, sorry, just experiment is made based on belief. It is seem nothing more than a case of knowing the result they wanted to get, and in accordance with LIGO's expert that said before - in Feruary 2016 : " I am certain, Einstein has always been right."

Einstein never predicts black hole, moreover, gravitational wave come from black holes merger. He didn’t believe in black hole. Einstein is The Reluctant Father of Black Hole.

In Einstein’s manuscript 1916 :”Two celestial bodies in orbit will generate ripples in spacetime”.LIGO’s gravitational waves nothing to do with Einstein. 

Two celestial bodies in orbit will generate ripples in space time yet to be proven. 

LIGO's merging black holes don't burst doesn’t confirm Albert Einstein’s general relativity.

What's wrong with general relativity?

Stop experiments based on belief and saying Einstein was right again. It was very embarrassing!

No doubt, general relativity has been wrong since the beginning.


21 Juni 2016


Einstein never predicts gravitational wave come from two black holes merger. He didn’t believe in black hole. Einstein is The Reluctant Father of Black Hole. In Einstein’s manuscript 1916 :”Two celestial bodies in orbit will generate ripples in spacetime”.LIGO’s gravitational waves nothing to do with Einstein.Two celestial bodies in orbit will generate ripples in space time yet to be proven. LIGO doesn’t confirm Albert Einstein’s general relativity.
Einstein’s manuscript 1916 :”Two celestial bodies in orbit will generate ripples in spacetime”

For only the second time in human history, gravitational waves have been directly detected. This time, the merger of two lower mass black holes, of 14 and 8 solar masses, inspiraling and coalescing together, left a signal of 27 orbits spanning more than a second in both twin LIGO detectors, a second unambiguous signal in less than four months’ time.

On September 14, 2015, less than 72 hours after beginning operations, the Advanced LIGO detectors in Washington and Louisiana shocked the world by detecting two large black holes — 36 and 29 solar masses — merging together. The ripples propagating through space were so intense that even from over a billion light years away, the tiny mirrors in the LIGO apparatus shifted by thousandths of the width of a proton, vibrating back and forth ever so slightly over the span of perhaps 200 milliseconds. After months of checking their results, they made the indisputable claim: they had detected gravitational waves for the first time. 101 years after Einstein’s general theory of relativity was proposed, it passed with flying colors its most delicate, intricate test.

The experiment of LIGO has not verified the Einstein’s theory of gravity.

Where Was the Source of Gravitational Waves? According to normal pressures of experiments, we should determine or observe the event of binary black hole merger which really happened in space by some methods at first. For example, the experiment observed optical after glow caused by the material around black holes in merger process. Suppose the speed of gravitational wave is the same as that of light. When the light reached the earth, gravitational waves also arrived and caused stripe changes in interferometers.

The problem was, did LIGO really observe binary black hole merger? The authors read the PRL paper of LIGO but find no word to say they had observed astronomical phenomena about binary black hole merger. They used the method of backward to deduce the event. Based on the signs detected in laser interferometers and the Einstein’s theory of gravity, by fitting them with computer, LIGO declared that the event happened in a distance galaxy 1.3 billion years ago.

Therefore, so-called binary black hole merger is only the result of computer simulation, rather than a really observed event in astronomy and physics. By using so-called matching filter method, LIGO declared to find gravitational waves and binary black hole merger from their waveform library which had been established in advance, rather than find them from sky.

According to the interpretation of LIGO, the experiments verified the gravitational wave theory of Einstein. However, what they observed were only two signs in laser interferometers, without really observing binary black hole merger and 3 solar mass being transformed into gravitational waves, how could they say that the gravitational wave theory of Einstein was verified?(

More than 100 years physicists around the world being misled by general relatity !

More than 100 years being misled by general relatity and just live in the world of experiments. Until now we still use Newton’s law of gravity, so far. Black holes and gravitatinal waves do not exist. Einstein’s gravity is nothing about force, it means nothing about energy …..

The problems of general relativity arise when you look at the Universe at very small or at very large scales. So, what’s wrong with general relativity?

In fact, first, general relativity is made based on thought experiment, not the real experiment. Secondly, Einstein’s thought experiments are incomprehensive, illogical, and misleading. Third, Einstein never proved general relativity. Fourth, Einstein ignored the refraction of light and the existing of celestial sphere, that’s why Einstein proposed the test for his hypothesis deflection of light by the Sun isn’t scientific and deeply wrong. Einstein’s proving method need to be examined more thoroughly and need to be taken seriously.

Every hypothesis should first be able to explain the experimental results in order to be taken seriously. But, what if the proving method of a hypothesis is not scientific but not to be taken seriously, althought the first experimental results was error? That is occur in the case of Einstein’s provng method for ‘ The Deflection of Light by the Sun ‘.

Reliable source:

“Einstein proposed therefore, that photographs be taken of the stars immediately bordering the darkened face of the sun during an eclipse and compared with photographs of those same stars made at another time.” (LincolnBarnett, The Universe and Dr. Einstein, London, June 1949, Preface by Albert Einstein Himself, page 78).

The celestial sphere is only applicable at a certain time and at a certain place on which such observation is performed. In scientific exposure of astronomy, the instant observation applies. It means, ‘that photographs be taken of the stars immediately bordering the darkened face of the sun during an eclipse and compared with photographs of those same stars made at another time ‘ isn’t scientific and deeply wrong.

General relativity has been wrong since the beginning. Deflection of light caused by refraction: i.e.astronomical refraction and terrestrial refraction, not gravity.

Actually error in the famous eclipse experiment of 1919, but F.W.Dyson writes: “It seems clear that the effect found must be attributed to the Sun’s gravitational field and not, for example, to the refraction by coronal matter” (F.W.Dyson, F.R.S, A Determination of the Deflection of Light by the Sun’s Gravitational Field, from Observations made at the Total Eclipse of May 29, 1919).

Nobel Committe in 1921 know about this error, that’s why Einstein never received Nobel Prize for relativity.

The new finding about Einstein’s proving method that isn’t scientific and ignored refraction of light, in accordance  with— by coincidence — the invention of Professor R. C. Gupta, India, on his paper ‘Bending of Light Near a Star and Gravitational Red/Blue Shift: Alternative Explanation Based on Refraction of Light.'


14 Juni 2016


I heartily recommend this book, and please stop saying Einstein was right again 


Marianne Freiberger
PlusMathsOrg, July 23, 2014

Albert Einstein is an icon and for good reason. His general theory of relativity, which describes the force of gravity, was an intellectual tour de force. Not only were his ideas entirely new, they have also stood the test of time. Despite this success, some physicists are doing what many would consider sacrilege: they are tinkering with the theory, producing modified versions of it. But why?

22 Mei 2016


Redshift caused by refraction, not gravity

It is quite clear that deflection of starlight caused by refraction, not gravity. The term of gravitational redshift as we know is the term in the frame deflection of starlight by the Sun or light bending by gravity field of massive object.
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